Equipping ministry leaders to reach children with God’s transformative love. 

You can help to provide free resources and training to children’s ministry leaders in some of the most under-resourced areas in the world.

Free Resources for Ministry Leaders

In under-served areas of the world where ministry resources are scarce, your gifts equip ministry leaders to teach children what it means to love and follow Jesus. With your help, the David Caleb Cook Foundation provides free and culturally-relevant resources and training so that these leaders can introduce children to the gospel and help them grow in their faith.

DCCF’s work focuses on four critical areas: evangelism, Bible engagement, discipleship, and leader training.


The Story of Jesus is a colorful and engaging evangelism booklet that ministry leaders use to share the gospel with children (and adults too!).

Find out how children in Malawi are hearing the good news! 

Bible Engagement

The Action Bible brings the message of God’s love to life through action-packed illustrations and easy-to-read text and language, helping children understand and engage with God’s Word from a young age.

See how leaders in Guatemala are sharing God’s Word!


Life on Life is a discipleship curriculum designed to teach children that God cares about the real-life issues they face. Ministry leaders use this resource to help children grow in areas of spiritual formation, character development, and life skills as they learn to love and follow Jesus.

See how Life of Life is changing children’s lives!



DCCF’s coordinators around the globe host live training, online video training, and webinars to equip ministry leaders to share God’s love in effective and engaging ways with the children in their communities.

See how God is using webinar trainings to change lives in Latin America!,

Here’s what DCCF’s global partners are saying:

The Impact of Your Gifts

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About DCCF

The David Caleb Cook Foundation is part of the David C Cook family, and we share the same vision of equipping the global church with discipleship, leadership, and worship resources. Following the legacy of David C Cook’s founder, DCCF exists to provide free and low-cost resources to ministry leaders in some of the most under-served areas around the world. This global outreach ministry is only possible because of faithful investment of David C Cook and Integrity Music and the help of generous people like you. 

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