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Indonesian Children Clamor for Story of Jesus

Tribal children watched as elders in a trance poured acid on their arms, slashed their tongues, and then were instantly healed by unseen spirits. This dark power and terrifying generation’s-old worldview, represents the challenges of evangelizing in Indonesia.

These practices are called animism, which is worship of spirits and ancestors, and is normally accompanied by self-mutilation, ritual chants and wild dances. Fortunately, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, through Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit dwarf these acts of darkness. As a result, countless individuals are coming to know a mighty and loving God.

David C Cook has linked arms with more than 6,000 Indonesian churches to help evangelize the next generation of Buddhists (where animism or spirit worship is common), and the huge population of Muslims. Indonesia is home to the largest number of  followers of the Islamic faith.

We provide Indonesian believers with customized copies of the Story of Jesus. This colorful and engaging evangelistic Indonesian Children Clamor for Story of Jesusbooklet awakens both children and adults to the potential of new life in Jesus. Christians in dozens of the most repressed nations of the world risk their lives to share this cutting-edge evangelistic tool. Each booklet is explained neighbor to neighbor and tied back to a specific church for discipleship. Since 2011, 30,835,00 copies have been distributed in 64 nations and 40 languages.

Win a child, and you quite possibly win his or her whole family and village. Indonesia is witnessing a revival as entire people groups come to see Jesus as not only a “good man,” but the one and only God, whose power is unmatched.

The Holy Spirit is burning across Indonesia. Indonesian believers have implemented a strategy to reach remote tribes who live in some 16,000 islands that make up the country. At first these church networks and organizations requested 50,000 copies of the Story of Jesus. Then they ordered 100,000, then 350,000. Recently they asked for 1.1 million copies.

The children, many who are new converts, are most excited. They’re taking stacks of the Story of Jesus and sharing about God and His power with friends and schoolmates. Please lift up the Indonesian people before the Lord. The evil spirits are entrenched, wily, and not likely to give up easily. Ask God to send forth His Word and continue to cause revival among the people.

The fields are ripe in Southeast Asia. Stand with those harvesting souls for Jesus. Give now to support this evangelistic mission with a gift of any amount; you can donate online in a matter of minutes. Thank you!

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