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Family Rescued in Former Soviet Union

When you join in the cause to meet the spiritual hunger of children in war-torn, poor, and developing countries, you’ll hear tragic stories. It gets pretty dark. But the Gospel changes everything, and doors seen and unseen open, and light breaks through. Despair transforms into hope.

Ten year-old Marsha attended a community children’s club and believed in Jesus after reading the Story of Jesus (a compelling, evangelistic booklet hand-drawn by Marvel and DC Comics artist, Sergio Cariello). Her new found faith filled her with a joy that could not be contained. After club time, she ran home and found her family gathering for a special dinner honoring her aunt’s birthday.

Marsha joined them and then said something that made her grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles grow silent. Marsha offered to pray for the meal. No one in the family prayed—ever.

Her father ridiculed her in a good-natured way, then asked his sister (Marsha’s aunt) if it was okay for Marsha to pray before everyone sat down. The aunt agreed. Marsha asked her family to bow their heads and focus on God. She then prayed like a child, believing, pleading and asking God to open eyes to see Jesus as the Savior. Her prayer was simple, but powerful. After she finished there was another moment of stunned silence, then dinner began as normal. Yet something nagged at Marsha’s father. He couldn’t grasp how a 10 year-old girl knew so much about God.

After the birthday celebration Marsha’s father asked his daughter for something to read about Jesus. She gave him a copy of the Story of Jesus and a New Testament. While cleaning up late into the night, Marsha talked about Jesus with her mother who wanted to know everything about Him. Her mother was astonished at her daughter’s wisdom and soon believed in Jesus.

About this time Marsha’s father came into the kitchen crying saying,

Something happened to me as I read the Story of Jesus and then the New Testament. I know that Jesus is alive and real and I want to pray and thank Him for His death on the cross for me.

About 3:00 a.m. in the morning, Marsha, her mother, and father knelt down in the kitchen and thanked God for His great salvation in Jesus Christ.

These conversions are miracles considering the decades of wars, civil unrest, genocide, communist rule, economic instability and political corruption that have scarred countries like the one where Marsha’s family lives.

The people of the Russia still contend with the effects of state sanctioned atheism — and the radicalization of Islam is on the rise as a result of the Chechen war and powerful foreign influences. Former Soviet Union countries including Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan are Muslim strongholds. Other countries such as Mongolia have deep roots in eastern religions such as Buddhism.

Last year, Global Mission linked arms Russian Ministries to distribute 2 million copies of The Story of Jesus. There is much passion for reaching these forgotten people – and for creating a new legacy of faith. To that end, another 2 million copies are in production and set to reach and additional 14 countries (and 15 languages) in this region.

Since 2011, Global Mission at David C Cook has linked arms with indigenous churches and organizations in some of the hardest hit areas on earth. The mission? To share the Gospel through the Story of Jesus and win children and their families to Jesus Christ, and to build up the local church. Family Rescued in Former Soviet Union

The Story of Jesus is customized for different cultures, and translated into “heart languages,” – a people’s native tongue. The booklet is shared one on one by a believer, and each is tied back to a specific church for discipleship. Reports of conversions are regularly reported, however, the greatest form of encouragement are individual stories from the field such as the one you just read.

More than 30,165,000 copies in 41 languages and 66 nations are now in circulation around the globe. Additional countries and languages are added every week. Your giving makes it possible for even more people to discover the Gospel. Give generously to this outreach. Your gift reaps eternal rewards.

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