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Caring for the World’s At Risk Kids

Esnart’s father abandoned her family. Kelvin lives in a violent home ruled by substance abuse. Chango steals from his caretaker. Pauline has reoccurring dreams where voices beckon her toward death. Prudence survived terrible abuse.

These and millions of other vulnerable children are healing and growing in Jesus thanks to ministry outreach through David C Cook.

It is estimated there are 1.2 billion at-risk children under the age of 18. In many developing countries, this age group represents 50% of the population. These kids lack basics such as food, clothing, shelter, safety, familial support, healthcare, and education—sustenance needed for normal childhood development.

Another basic essential need is to shepherd children into healthy adults: Christians willing to sow deeply into broken hearts and spirits. If the soul of a traumatized child is not healed, and a vulnerable child is not encouraged to grow in character and given rudimentary life skills (often taken for granted in the West), his or her future is already greatly hindered.

Seeing this neglected area among the world’s poor—and drawing on more than 140 years of curriculum development for children—Global Mission at David C Cook developed an interactive, culturally customized program using best teaching practices and the latest in trauma research.

Since 2011, Cook has equipped churches in among the most underserved regions of the world. These places are stricken by civil unrest, war, genocide, poverty, slavery and disease, and believers lack even basic Christian materials to disciple children. Life on Life curriculum is whole life discipleship. It trains lay men and women to tackle hard issues, it opens the door for the Holy Spirit to heal, and it prepares children for adulthood.

The children profiled above are real kids from Zambia—and each of them has already begun healing in a short amount of time.

Esnart learned that Jesus never leaves or forsakes His children. She truly believes He will see her through her circumstances.

Kelvin still lives in a dangerous home, yet now feels at peace at school. Please pray for him and his brother Ernest.

Chango repented for his sin and he no longer steals. He has learned to respect other’s property.

Pauline no longer has nightmares.

Prudence has taken some of the lessons to her troubled home, and recently led a stepbrother and sister to the Lord.

Life on Life is now in many countries, serving millions of children. Nations include, Haiti, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Russia, Kenya (Trans Mara Region), Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and South Africa.

Our aim is to make the local church the hero by empowering them speak into the development of the curriculum for their specific region, and to “own” the project by eventually covering the entire cost of printing and distribution. Cook funds the curriculum development and design, costs for translation, leadership training, and ongoing mentoring for leaders.

The demand is great and willing volunteers across the world are ready to lead millions more children to become life-long disciples of Jesus. Please consider contributing to this outreach so this generation–and subsequent generations—will be eternally changed.

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