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Beyond Adversity in India

Children in Indian orphanages have faced more adversity than most of us will know in a lifetime. In spite of the obstacles, we hear stories on a daily basis of these young souls overcoming hardship and trauma.

Below are two children from David C Cook J127 Clubs who’ve risen above difficulty to become leaders among their friends. Their witness is immeasurable, and their future bright.

Ravi is in the sixth grade. He comes from a poor, Hindu family. He was placed in the orphanage five years ago at the age of 6. He felt abandoned by his mother and father, and cried often. He was also shy and quiet, and did not make friends easily.Ravi

Ravi has been part of the Lovely Club since it began two years ago—and since then, he is a new kid. Club leaders have noted that character-building lessons have been particularly helpful. Topics such as courage, sadness and depression, betrayal, forgiveness, and emotions and feelings have helped him understand his past, reconcile his present, and prepare for the future.

This young boy is no longer timid. He does well in his studies. And he’s a role model for others. In fact, his peers nicknamed him “pastor” because of his kind heart and leadership. Ravi worries about his parents and younger brother at home. He prays faithfully for them to know Jesus and the love of God.

Padma is 11 years old. She also comes from a poor Hindu family. Poverty in India usually translates to living in slums, little education, and poor nutrition with not enough to eat. Padma was placed in the orphanage a few years ago. Similar to Ravi, she likely struggled with rejection and great sadness.

Through her J127 Club time, Padma is healing, finding solid answers, and tasting the love of God. She excels in her studies. Club leaders like Auntie Swampna talk excitedly about Padma’s unshakeable faith and gift of evangelism. She often prays for her parents to know and love Jesus.

In fact, she boldly shared her faith with her mother and friends this summer—and now her mother is attending a Christian fellowship in the village. Padma is a born speaker. She is not afraid to speak in front of others, and is very articulate about Jesus. From Auntie Swampna:

We pray God blesses and uses this child and we stand amazed at what He is doing in her life. Through her Club she only grows stronger in faith and more confident.

These children and many others are born defeated, but through the power of the Holy Spirit through worship, the gentle shepherding of aunties and uncles (Club leadership), and the life-altering spiritual formation, character development, and life skills lessons of J127 Clubs, they are more than conquerors. Please join us in praying for Ravi, Padma and their Club mates.

Update: In 2018, David C Cook transferred oversight of the J127 clubs to an in-country partner which continues to shepherd and grow this program. By supporting David C Cook’s Life on Life curriculum, you will be helping support this program as well.

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