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A Young Boy’s Courage and a Father’s Dream Transform a Village

Heavy news comes at us from all corners of the globe today. Whether the 24-news cycle is making human misery more visible, or the world is more broken, it’s difficult to say.

Jesus gives Christians the very best news to share. He offers hope to those in despair; a loving Father to the fatherlessness; and eternal life to the lost and dying. These truths are becoming evident to more and more people in the Eastern Hemisphere. An amazing way men, women, and children are coming to know Jesus is through dreams and visions.

This is a reason for great joy! The Lord is moving mightily during our time, and we’re bearing witness to His work. Here is one recent testimony from a David C Cook partner in India:

“We produced 5,000 copies of the Story of Jesus booklet in the Tamil language and shared it with youth at our center in Chennai, India. A young boy brought his booklet home, but fearing the reaction of his devoted Hindu father, he hid it among his personal belongings. Days passed, and wracked with guilt the boy finally confessed to his family what he’d done. The boy’s father exploded with rage and demanded to see the booklet.”

“Upon seeing pictures of Jesus in the Story of Jesus the father exclaimed: ‘That’s the man I’ve seen in my dreams!’ Days later, this man visited our office in Chennai, and asked our staff about Jesus and believed in Him as his Savior. Then he shared a copy of the Story of Jesus and his dream with his neighbors. Soon, many came to the office to ask about Jesus. We eventually asked for assistance from the Evangelical Church of India to respond to all who were coming to us, and they sent a staff member to visit the community and answer questions. As a result, most of these people believed in Jesus, and today and for the first time in the history of this village, a church has been planted.”

Stories like this one should cause us to be on our knees for the church worldwide. To that end, we’d encourage you to a pick a region and pray for the people groups in this area, that the Holy Spirit would continue to move powerfully. Read more about our efforts with the Story of Jesus and consider supporting this outreach. This ministry of David C Cook is now in 74 nations and 50 languages, including 8 out of the 10 countries where Christians face the most persecution.

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