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The Faith of Children Moves Mountains

“One time my mum became very ill. She vomited and sweat so profusely that my brother and I thought she was dying. In my distress I thought of Jesus saving Peter from drowning and I immediately dropped to my knees to pray.”

This testimony is from Mercy, a 13 year old from Kenya who read this Bible story in the Story of Jesus booklet. She continues: “Deep inside my conscience, God assured me He was listening. And what a moment it was two days later when mum brought me lunch at school. She looked stronger and healthier than ever!”

David C Cook partners with Go Ye Africa in Kenya and Uganda to distribute the Story of Jesus to children. This 16-page booklet presents the heart of the Gospel. Its content is taken directly from David C Cook’s bestselling, The Action Bible, which was hand drawn by Marvel and DC Comic artist, Sergio Cariello. Nearly a half million copies of the Story of Jesus are earmarked for Kenya.

Mercy is not alone. Children across the globe place their lives in Jesus’ hands and rely on prayer to get them through life’s challenges. Asif, a 10 year old from Pakistan is one of them. Here’s his story:

I received the Story of Jesus at a camp for children. I come from a poor family and my mother struggled so hard to feed us after my father died. I hate books, but the Story of Jesus was so attractive. I read it again and again. I learnt that Jesus loves us and cares for us. Even many times we had to sleep without food, but then I read how Jesus fed the 5,000. I now always pray for Jesus to provide for us. We might have less or more, but since I have accepted Christ after reading this book, we have never slept without food.

And a testimony from a ministry leader from South Sudan who uses the Story of Jesus to imprint the Gospel on children from traumatic backgrounds:

We are dealing with former child soldiers, children who have lost everything and have little reason to live, children who are angry at the world. We were afraid for our lives. Now we are no longer afraid. The children begin their day with prayers. They pray for love, for healing, for peace, and for salvation of the lost.’ When children, particularly those who have been traumatized by war or who have lost their parents, understand the truth about God they begin the healing process.

Thus far, 39,785,000 copies of the Story of Jesus booklet are in production, being distributed, or have been shared in 74 nations and 50 languages. This includes 8 out of the top 10 countries where Christian persecution is the most virulent.

Children are introduced to Jesus and then act in faith through prayer. This is not only an avenue of healing and for getting physical needs met, but it’s a main way children develop a lifelong relationship with Jesus. In regions where their future is likely to be filled with hardship, this relationship with a living God—and the promise of eternity—is everything.

The Faith of Children Moves MountainsFrom Mercy:

The story of Jesus saving Peter is my favorite. Though Peter fumbles, he still knows that only Jesus can save him and he earnestly cries for help. It is my prayer and desire that every child gets to know, love, and live for God—this is the only way we shall experience His great deeds.

We agree.

Please pray for Mercy, Asif, and their peers in Kenya and Pakistan. Also lift up the more than half million copies being handed to children throughout North and South Sudan. May God bring them to Himself, heal their hearts and souls, and give them a faith to sustain them all of their lives.

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