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The Bible tells Christians not to be coupled with non-Christians and asks, “What fellowship can light have with the darkness?” This is a matter believers’ wrestle with the world over.
Fortunately for one Indian couple, their uneven union had a happy ending.

Sudhir and Monica met in a Masters program and worked alongside one another at the same college. She was Hindu; he was Christian. Both young people faced vigorous opposition from their families. For Sudhir, he would be joined together with an unbeliever. And for Monica, she would choose the life of a lower caste minority—an often-discriminated minority—in a country where Hindus make up 90 percent of the population.

But the couple persisted in their relationship and their love grew. When they decided to marry Sudhir insisted they have a Christian wedding; Monica agreed, but resolved in her heart never to give up her Hindu faith.

The two now live in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Sudhir is part of the Church of the Living God where Pastor Murthy leads the congregation. Sudhir convinced a reluctant Monica to join him at church on Sundays. Pastor Murthy is a straightforward preacher. He spoke from the Bible and told stories that illustrated biblical principles, but they didn’t make sense to Monica.

Then a few months ago, Pastor Murthy journeyed to a nearby village and left a heavy bag at Sudhir and Monica’s home.  As Monica grasped the bag from the pastor, she noticed a large hardcover book filled with pictures. It was the David C Cook The Action Bible, in her own Telugu language.

Curious, she picked it up and began reading. She could not stop with just one story… within an hour she had finished four of them. Each spoke to her in a different way. She began to understand Pastor Murthy’s message of creation and sin.

When the pastor returned, she asked if she could keep it. He agreed. And every day since then, she learns a new truth through the captivating stories. Through the prayers and ministry of Pastor Murthy, Monica asked Jesus into her heart. She says, “The Action Bible led me to real truth. I found Jesus Christ through the stories in this book.”

Today, Sudhir and Monica minister to children in the Praise Club, a J127 Club in India. (J127 Clubs are part of David C Cook’s Orphan Initiative and impart whole life discipleship including: spiritual formation, character development and life skills.) Sudhir leads the Club, and Monica is learning more about the Lord along with the children.

Please pray for this couple as they grow together in the Lord, and share with children who are coming out of trauma and challenging backgrounds.

Update: In 2018, David C Cook transferred oversight of the J127 clubs to an in-country partner which continues to shepherd and grow this program. By supporting David C Cook’s Life on Life curriculum, you will be helping support this program as well.

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