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Standing in the Gap for Local Pastors

“I am the son of a farmer, and though I am illiterate, God chose me to be in His ministry 10 years ago. Many people in my church are uneducated. God gave me vision to lead these believers but I lacked training and materials. I prayed for a new thing to help. And God answered. Thanks be to God!”

This short and powerful testimony comes from Bikesh, a rural pastor in central Nepal. He received an SD chip chock full of Warren Wiersbe Bible commentaries in the Nepali language. The chip fits neatly into his phone and provides 90 hours of biblically sound, professionally mastered audio teaching, tailored to the Nepali culture.

Two thousand pastors and evangelists in Nepal received an SD chip by way of David C Cook and its partner Trans World Radio. Who are these servants of the Lord?  They are brothers and sisters in Christ, most of whom have no formal theological training and lack discipleship resources in their language.

They are men like Ram, who has a village church of 100 believers and has planted 23 other churches in rural villages.

Abraham, who lives inside a Bhutanese refugee camp and preaches the Gospel and brings people to the Lord; he’s planted 7 churches.

Subba, who pastors 100 people and listens to Wiersbe commentaries on his cell phone as he farms the fields of central Nepal.

Sanu, who leads a church of 70 believers among the Praja tribe, an ancient people who live in the jungle.

And Silas, who plugs his phone into a small radio at his place of business and uses the audio to preach the Gospel to the lost. He teaches what he hears to his church of 45 people.

These men win souls and shepherd in diverse regions, but there are common denominators. They are generally poor, minister in remote locations often hostile to Christianity, are recent converts to the faith, and a good number of them are oral learners. Now they are equipped in unprecedented ways thanks to new technology.

David C Cook’s passion is to equip the local church globally. We are beyond honored to stand in the gap with these thousands of faithful pastors and evangelists.

We also come alongside the Church in India. Through local indigenous churches and organizations, we have shared 5,000 SD chips in Hindi. And just this week, we launched a project in Punjab, providing 3,000 Punjabi chips that include both the Warren Wiersbe teachings and worship from Integrity Music.

Sanu, the pastor from the Praja jungle tribe offers this testimony:

“Since we are jungle people we cannot understand the real meanings of the Bible. But after I got this SD card I listened on my mobile and got an explanation of many mysteries. I am now teaching from what I’ve learned. Thanks be to the Lord!”

Indeed, thanks be to the Lord! Please consider joining hands with us on this project. Check out the leadership page of our web site and consider giving a gift of any size.

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