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Once Burned, a Young Boy Faces Fire for Jesus

Shiva remembers the screams as his father burned his mother alive. He was badly hurt as he tried to pull his mother from the fire. While the night will be etched in his heart forever, God got a hold of young Shiva and is redeeming his life one day at a time.

In the aftermath of his mother’s death, Shiva ended up living on the streets of India. A neighborhood friend told him about a home that took in children. One afternoon he knocked on the Christian orphanage’s door. A woman named Rachel—Aunty Rachel to the children—brought him into the fold.

Trauma stalks children who are a part of David C Cook’s Life on Life curriculum in India. But Jesus heals yielded hearts. Teachers and caregivers trained to use a special at-risk curriculum lead children to the Great Healer. The restorative process brings forth courage, tenderness and wisdom beyond young years.

This is the case with Shiva.

Aunty Rachel is a fan of lessons in the at-risk curriculum that use art to help children express their feelings and deepest hurts. She didn’t know how Shiva ended up on the streets. But during a lesson on Daniel in the lion’s den—and a corresponding story in the Hindi version of The Action Bible—the truth emerged.

The children in Aunty Rachel’s orphanage were asked to draw a picture of something that scared them. Shiva drew fire. His drawing caused her to inquire further about his fear. He then spoke of what happened to his mother. Aunty Rachel couldn’t imagine the suffering this young boy continued to endure, but she knew the Lord Jesus could heal all things. She had faith for Shiva, who was a new believer at the time.

After the lesson on Daniel, Shiva said, “Just like Daniel faced the lion, I am ready to face fire for God. He will give me the courage to face my toughest challenges.”

Aunty Rachel testifies, “I have seen a lot of change in Shiva after his confession. He has become a God-fearing child and prays earnestly.”

Hearts yielded to God. Tender guidance from trained caregivers and teachers.  A safe space to share burdens. This is a recipe for helping to heal trauma in children. Please pray for Shiva, Aunty Rachel and all of the children at this orphanage. And lift up David C Cook’s orphan initiative that equips these believers with the at-risk curriculum, specialized training, and Action Bibles in their native tongue.

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