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A Miracle in a Young Girl’s Life Alters Family’s Destiny

A young Indian girl studied The Story of Jesus booklet translated into her Kanada language, and then slept free from the nightmares and evil dreams that had haunted her most days. But there’s more to this testimony.

The Story of Jesus is a graphically illustrated Bible story created to introduce children to Jesus. Our ministry partner in South India, where this young girl lives, is using three million copies of The Story of Jesus in six native languages. He and his ministry equip Christians at sports camps, local churches, schools, and parachurch organizations to evangelize children and their families.

The sleep disturbances were a long-term affliction for this young girl. The distress and lack of sleep impacted her waking hours. Neighbors viewed her as a “sick girl” and different than her peers. Then one day, everything changed. The girl was given a copy of The Story of Jesus. She hung onto the stories and miracles of Jesus within the 24-page booklet. That evening she felt secure for the first time and slept without fear. Her family was astonished by this change, and she shared The Story of Jesus with them the very next day. They had never been open to the Gospel.

However, the young girl became violently sick. On the third day of this mysterious illness her parents came to believe it was what she had read in the booklet. Perhaps they attributed it to angering the gods. Deeply concerned, they reached out to the Christian who gave their daughter the The Story of Jesus and asked him to do something about the sickness. While the family gathered around her bed, the Christian prayed, and much to their surprise, the illness immediately left her. Since then they hunger for the Word of God. A single Story of Jesus was instrumental in reaching an entire household for the Lord.

Miracles such as these are commonplace in countries like India, where the spiritual realm is more realized and active among people. India not only hosts hundreds of gods, the caste system (part of the Hindu culture and faith) keeps families in bondage for generations. Children and adults alike face imminent questions about life and death, suffering and evil spirits. They are often desperate for answers. And they are open to the Lord in a way people usually are not in the western world.

From our ministry partner in India:

The enormity of the multi-lingual and geographic landscape covered by the distribution of The Story of Jesus is almost half of India. Many thousands of children have responded to Jesus Christ and churches have been greatly aided in their witness in these regions.


Church leaders now request more such resources to help them share the love of Jesus and plant new churches. I would like to thank all at David C Cook for making this possible. As we continue to serve the Lord together, remember our ministries in your prayers.

Please pray for The Story of Jesus to grab ahold of the hearts of children and families throughout South and Southwest India.  Pray for believers to be emboldened in their faith. And lastly, and perhaps most importantly, praise God for His work in this young girl’s family’s life. Pray they will continue to grow stronger in the Lord.

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