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The Action Bible in Iran

While Iran is a difficult place for Christians, a ministry director like Azar will smile and tell you that Iran is at the center of some of the greatest things God is doing.

“The Lord is revealing Himself to many through dreams in the night,” he said, “and people are waking up knowing and believing in Jesus. The Iranians’ hearts are so ready for the gospel that they can be led to the Lord within three minutes, though if someone is more hard-hearted, it might take five minutes in such cases.”

Today, over one million Iranians confess Jesus as their Savior. That’s still a small percentage of Iran’s population of seventy-seven million. But technology is overcoming barriers to reach Iranians with the good news of Christ.

Broadcasting Across Borders

Satellite television is popular in the Middle East as an accessible alternative to government-controlled media. Today, inexpensive dishes dot the roofs of millions of homes across the Middle East. There are almost three hundred satellite television channels with news, comedies, sitcoms, dramas and more—including Christian media provided through networks like Iran Alive Ministries.

Building on the global popularity of David C Cook’s publications, The Story of Jesus and The Action Bible, Iran Alive Ministries is creating a children’s television series based on The Action Bible New Testament. Thirteen ten-minute segments will feature Bible stories from the Farsi translation and reach families before bedtime not only in Iran, but neighboring Farsi-speaking countries.

Please Pray

Each night, the television series is expected to reach eight million viewers with the gospel message. Please pray that the program will not only encourage and strengthen Christian families in their faith, but open Muslims’ hearts to Christ.

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