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Surely by now you are aware of the terrible earthquake and following devastation that happened in Nepal this past weekend. Praise be to God that our friends and partners in ministry are safe. However, there are still many pastors, many of whom have received the SD chips and the Story of Jesus who are missing along with their families.

Here is an email we received on Monday from one of our partners in Nepal:

 Greetings from Nepal!

By God’s grace we are ok but still we are staying outside in the tent because there are several small earthquakes that are frequently coming even today. Yesterday afternoon we had a Prayer meeting and I felt dizzy and had a headache. I started sharing than after a few minutes there was a 6.8 scale earthquake. We just ran outside of church building and cry to God. 

We don’t know why this is happening but it is not normal and it is not only the earthquake. Several people also affected by drinking water from wells, 40 people get sick after drinking well water in NepalJung where my mom and brother’s family are living and now many are admitted in hospital.

All together thousands of people have died since first earthquake and death rate will increase every minute. Still many villages are out of government access. Some villages are collapsed and no one is reaching there. People are suffering without food, drinking water, and toilets. The weather is getting crazy! Some places it’s raining and the weather is getting cold. People are scared to go inside the house because of damage. News Channels are aware and telling people not to go inside damaged houses because still there are several earthquakes that are continuing. They said we have to stay outside for 72 hours now.

I am continuously communicating with our local pastors, leaders, and family members who are living in most affected area. Some of our local pastors family are still missing. And they are requesting rescue and immediate relief. We need tents, food, water, blankets, and milk for children and warm clothes.

We are praying and coordinating with Christian young people for relief effort. We will be mobilizing young people with relief as soon as possible. Please pray.

Please join us in praying for Nepal!

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