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Helping Communities Heal: After a Natural Disaster

The earthquake in Nepal affected thousands of children, many of whom are suffering from the emotional trauma of living through a natural disaster. A new resource from David C Cook seeks to bring healing and hope for these precious children.

As children mourn the loss of parents, siblings, and friends, they need help dealing with this emotional trauma. Communities, locally and globally, are coming together to support earthquake victims by fulfilling practical needs: food, shelter, water, clothing, etc. But the emotional needs of the Nepalese people are more difficult to address.

David C Cook has developed a booklet designed to do just that: guide hurting people through grief after a natural disaster. It’s directed toward children and intended to be administered by a Christian adult—a Sunday school teacher, parent, or Christian aid worker. Beginning with basic questions like “Who is God?” the booklet leads children down a spiritual journey, giving them space to ask difficult questions and sort through anger, hurt, and frustration. The six lessons are full of Scripture, prayers, and truths from the Lord, encouraging study and discussion.

The booklet ends with a prayer walk and an activity the children can do together that will help them feel the love and support of their community.

Although this booklet is designed to help children, our experience in dealing with this kind of trauma tells us that many adults will benefit as well. The children will show their parents and other family members what they have learned, opening ears and softening hearts to the gospel of Christ.

The English version of this booklet, written specifically for the victims of natural disasters, is currently being translated into Nepali.  Our printer in Kathmandu was spared significant damage in the earthquake and will be printing at least 10,000 copies by the end of June. For a free copy of the English version, please click here.

Please Pray

Please pray for the young children in Nepal who have experienced much heartache and destruction. Pray that they would turn toward the Lord, offering their lives to Him and finding comfort and hope in His Word.

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