The Gospel Brings Comfort in the Syrian Civil War

As we hear news from Syria and pray for refugees fleeing the civil war, we remember the faithfulness of Syrian Christians. Through them, God has already planted seeds of hope.

In late 2013, Christians in Syria worked with David C Cook to print 250,000 copies of The Story of Jesus in Arabic.

Since then, they have passionately shared The Story of Jesus with their families and neighbors. And the booklet’s distinctive and colorful illustrations have captured readers’ hearts with the gospel message.

A young girl living at the epicenter of the conflict bubbles with joy when she talks about The Story of Jesus.

“When I pray Jesus speaks to me. But when they gave me The Story of Jesus, I immediately started reading it and I felt so special. This time Jesus didn’t only speak to me. He was there right with me.

Syrian Christians have continued distributing the booklet across the country, even in the face of conflict and persecution.

Please pray for peace and safety for Syria, and that the gospel will be a comfort to Christians in the midst of the conflict.

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