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The Action Study Bible for Cuba

Cuba! Just saying it conjures up images of cars from the 1950s, of classically beautiful but dilapidated buildings, and—from the headlines of the 1960s—of a missile crisis that brought the world to the brink of nuclear war.

The island nation that sits just 90 miles from the Florida shore has been much in the news recently. The country seems poised to open up for commerce and travel. Many people see this as a good thing, and in some ways, it certainly would be.

But there is something else to consider—something you won’t learn from news reports:

Economic progress won’t satisfy the spiritual hunger in the hearts of the Cuban people.

The Cuban people are eager for a message of hope that does not depend upon material things. Young people in particular need hope for their future.

Cuba girlBecause of that, the church in Cuba has seen explosive growth in the last 50 years. In 1960, there were 70,000 evangelicals in the country—only one tenth of one percent of the population. Now there are a solid million, representing a full ten percent!

Do you see the tremendous opportunity here?

First, Cuba is opening up. And second, a growing number of Cubans are embracing the gospel.

But the story gets even better. With your support, God has prepared David C Cook to rise to this opportunity. And now, we’re excited about a new global initiative to send the study edition of The Action Bible in Spanish to Cuba.

During the last 18 years, Cuban leaders have increasingly trusted us, which has enabled us to deliver more than 2.1 million books and learning resources inside the country’s regulated borders. We couldn’t be more thankful to see how these resources have equipped the growing Cuban church—including families, children, pastors, Sunday school teachers, and ministry leaders.

To deliver these resources, we’ve put a lot of time and effort into building relationships with the Bible Commission in Cuba. This organization is an official arm of the government. They make the decision to allow—or not allow—Christian materials into the country.

During those 18 years, they have allowed materials from David C Cook, made possible with financial support from friends like you. And they’re asking us for more.

Most recently, Cuban officials at the Bible Commission have requested the study edition of The Action Bible. It’s no wonder—because Cuba’s colorful culture is a perfect match for the vibrant illustrations of The Action Bible.

The study edition provides the full text of Scripture. Plus, it includes study tools, questions, and life applications especially written for young teens, a particularly vulnerable group.

The Bible Commission has requested 20,000 copies. Just imagine the power of God’s Word to transform the lives of so many young people in Cuba. Yes, Cuba!

What a tremendous opportunity to instill God’s Word in the next generation in Cuba as the church there continues to flourish. No one is quite sure what the next few years will bring in diplomatic relations—but that doesn’t matter.

We know that God is at work in Cuba now.

Each study edition of The Action Bible costs $10 as part of our global initiative in Cuba. How many can you give?

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