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Saraswathi’s life has been one of poverty, violence and abandonment. At just ten years of age, she and her sisters fled their father to be safe.

For many years they had to depend on their grandparents and the benevolence of their aunts and uncles for their survival.

Saraswathi began attending a J127 club in India. She heard the story of Samuel: about how God heard Hannah’s prayer for a son, “…and the LORD remembered her.” (1 Samuel 1:19) God answered Hannah’s prayer, and Samuel was born.

Saraswathi never realized that God was actually listening to our prayers. Then, just like Hannah’s prayer was answered, God heard Samuel’s prayer as well. Samuel prayed to be delivered from the hands of the Philistines, “…and the LORD answered him.” (1 Samuel 7:9) Saraswathi was ready to face her problems because her God is a listening God who hears the prayers of his people.


Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen. He named it Ebenezer, saying, ‘Thus far the LORD has helped us.’ 1 Samuel 7:12


Sometimes we feel we are crying out into the dark, O God. Sometimes it feels as though our prayers aren’t even reaching the ceilings of our homes, let alone the heavens above us. But we remember Hannah’s humble request for a son, “…and the LORD remembered her.” And we consider the prayer of deliverance made by Samuel, “…and the LORD answered him.” You are a God who hears our prayers. You have helped us so many times before, and we know you will continue to both hear and help.

Update: In 2018, David C Cook transferred oversight of the J127 clubs to an in-country partner which continues to shepherd and grow this program. By supporting David C Cook’s Life on Life curriculum, you will be helping support this program as well.

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