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Mother Meets Savior Again

Many often think of Children’s Ministry (KidMin) as just a ministry to children – but it is so much more.

“I used to know Jesus and I even started going to church, but I fell in love and married a Hindu man.” Padma’s mother was narrating her story. “After marriage my life turned into a hell. I found that my husband was a drunkard. He was abusive too. When I gave birth to a girl my mother-in-law began to ill-treat me. I was alone and wanted to attend a church but my husband and his mother stopped me.” She begins to cry.

Her daughter, Padma, 8 heard about the Joy club from Sangeeta, her classmate.  The Joy Club uses David C Cook’s Life on Life Curriculum. Sangeeta shared with Padma about the lesson on the Last Supper in 10th Unit, how Jesus taught and loved his disciples. The last supper was a way to remember what Jesus had done and way in which the disciples could in turn share it with their friends. Aunty Vani challenged the children to tell one friend about Jesus and invite them to the club the following week. Sangeeta decided to invite Padma to the club.

One day Padma came to the Joy Club. Though it was her first day, she felt comfortable talking to Aunty Vani. She shared her family problems with her. Two days later Padma even brought her mother.  Her grandmother allowed them to go as it was not a church. Padma’s mother shared with Aunty Vani about how she had gone back on her faith in Christ. When she was her lowest point in life, her own daughter reunited her with Christ. Padma’s mother was encouraged and found hope once again. She said, “now Padma and I read the Bible at home and pray together. We are sure that God will change our situation and bring joy in our life.”

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