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When seven-year-old Kabir’s parents died, Kabir lost nearly everything he had ever known. He and his brother went to live with relatives they barely knew in a rural Indian town. As they adjusted to a new home and new family situations, everything about their lives felt different. Kabir was grateful for all his relatives had done for him, but their Hindu faith did not offer the hope his orphaned heart longed for.

Outwardly, Kabir seemed to be thriving. He finished school and began pursuing his undergraduate degree. But inside, Kabir continued to struggle with hopelessness and grief. One day, someone shared the love of Jesus with Kabir for the first time, and the pain in his heart was healed. After spending years mourning the loss of his parents, Kabir found the love of His heavenly father, who would never leave him.

As Kabir’s faith grew, so did his passion for sharing Jesus’ love with others. He felt called by God to start a children’s ministry in a rural village where there was no church, but he didn’t have experience working with children. So, he attended a training where he learned how to guide children to know and follow Jesus using discipleship resources provided by the David Caleb Cook Foundation.

“Equipped with the training and resources he had received, Kabir shared the love of Jesus with the village children.”

Equipped with the training and resources he had received, Kabir shared the love of Jesus with the village children. As God transformed the children’s hearts and lives, their parents began to ask about Jesus, too. There is now a thriving church in this village, where God continues to use Kabir’s faithful ministry to bring transformation.

All over India, God is using passionate leaders like Kabir and resources provided by the David Caleb Cook Foundation to transform the lives of children, their families, and their communities. Pray for Kabir and the children in his ministry as they continue sharing God’s love. And pray for God’s provision as DCCF seeks to share additional resources with church leaders in India.

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