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Learning to Trust

Alejandra’s grandmother was very sick, and Alejandra was afraid. Alejandra loved her grandma and didn’t want to lose her. So she did something she had learned to do in Sunday school—she prayed.

Though Alejandra’s parents weren’t Christians, Alejandra had been attending Sunday school at a local church in their small town in Mexico. Ministry leaders there use the Life on Life discipleship program to guide children to know and love Jesus and become more like Him in every area of life. A caring teacher had taught Alejandra that she could pray to God in times of difficulty. So Alejandra began to pray, and she encouraged her parents to pray, too. Soon the whole family was praying together for the grandmother’s health.

“Personally, I have learned from the lessons that I teach to the children,” Alejandra’s teacher said. “I have learned to persevere in faith even in my times of difficulty and trust God and His promises.”

God heard Alejandra’s prayers. Her grandma is feeling much better now. But that’s not the only life-changing part of the story. Alejandra has learned that she can trust God and talk to Him, even when she’s worried or afraid—and that lesson has had an impact on her family and her teacher, too.

The faith of a child truly can change a family, a church, a community—and even the world!

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