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Someone to Trust

Day after day, Akunna’s father returned home from his job as a day laborer in a small town in Nigeria with little or no money to show for his efforts. And day after day, 9-year-old Akunna’s fear and anger grew. Disappointed and frustrated, Akunna began to distrust his father. If my father won’t take care of me, Akunna thought, I’ll have to take care of myself.

As is common in the Nigerian culture, Akunna began to turn to his “uncles”—family members, neighbors and friends who are close to the family. Akunna’s uncles sometimes gave him a few coins or some food to help. But even in times of desperation, his uncles could not always provide what Akunna needed. Disappointed and afraid, Akunna began to feel there was no one he could trust.

A caring ministry leader equipped with the Life on Life discipleship program began teaching Akunna that he is loved by God—not just in the good times, but also in the hard ones. He helped Akunna to understand that God cares about our needs and that He always protects, always provides, and always loves.

“Akunna is learning to trust God, even in difficult situations,” Akunna’s teacher said. “He now turns to God in his times of need rather than his uncles.”

Akunna is also learning to have more positive relationships with his earthly father and his uncles. He is now able to love and respect them, even when they disappoint him. Most importantly, he now puts his trust in his heavenly Father, who will never disappoint.

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