To allow our staff to fully celebrate the Christmas season with family and friends, the David C Cook and Integrity Music offices will be closed end of business on Friday, December 23rd and reopening on Monday, January 3nd. All orders received after December 19th will begin shipping the week of January 3rd, 2023.

In spite of pandemic restrictions, economic challenges, and religious and cultural obstacles, God continues to use the resources of the David Caleb Cook Foundation to share His love with vulnerable children in India—and we are blessed to hear about His miraculous work in their lives. Here are a few recent stories:

Love Is Patient

“Why did you allow them to baptize you?” Deeptika’s parents yelled. “Don’t you know you will never be married? No man will marry a Christian!”

In many castes and tribes in India, girls are considered a financial burden. They are married off as early as 12, especially if they are not attending school. So when Deeptika accepted Jesus as a young girl, her parents were angry. But Deeptika continued to attend her Christian club and trust in God’s good plans for her life.

The club leader shared a lesson about Hagar from resources provided by the David Caleb Cook Foundation. Hagar’s feelings of rejection and hopelessness struck a powerful chord in Deeptika’s heart. She found new confidence in the knowledge that she is known and loved by “the God who sees” and that He cares about her pain. So Deeptika waited patiently on the Lord, continuing to pray that He would soothe the anger of her parents and bring the right husband.

After a great deal of waiting, Deeptika, now 20 years old, is engaged to a man who loves Jesus as much as she does. “A delay from God only means that He wants to give the best to His children,” she shared. “He fulfilled my heart’s desire, and I give Him all the glory and praise.”

Love Is Kind

“No club, no school, no meetings with friends…I am bored!” Gaman said. COVID restrictions forced the closure of schools as well as Gaman’s Christian club, where he learned about God’s love through resources provided by the David Caleb Cook Foundation. But a visit from one of the older children from the Christian club made Gaman’s day a bit brighter.

“Anna,” which means older brother in the local language, taught Gaman and his neighborhood friends a Bible lesson, sang songs with them, did some activities with them, and prayed with them. Since then, “Anna” has been visiting Gaman and his friends nearly every day to teach the children new songs and share the Bible lessons he remembers from the Christian club.

In many places in India, older children from clubs using DCCF resources have taken the initiative to visit younger children in their communities to share God’s truth and some fun.

Love Rejoices in Truth

Though Aradhana’s mother worshiped Hindu idols, Aradhana refused. Born into a Hindu family, Aradhana had grown up worshiping idols. But after her father died and her mother was financially unable to care for her, she was sent to a Christian orphanage. The ministry leaders at the orphanage, equipped with training and resources provided by the David Caleb Cook Foundation, taught her about Jesus, and Aradhana became part of His family.

When her mother was financially stable, she welcomed Aradhana back home. But though Aradhana was glad to return to her family, her heart had changed—she is part of Jesus’ family now. So she was determined not to go back to the idol worship that she had practiced as a young child.

One day, Aradhana’s mother forced her to go to the temple. Instead of participating in the rituals, Aradhana sat outside and prayed. On the way home, her mother asked Aradhana about her new faith, and Aradhana shared about Jesus and His great love.

That day, Aradhana’s mother accepted Jesus. Now both Aradhana and her mother are part of God’s family—and Aradhana’s mother is looking forward to attending church for the first time when COVID restrictions are lifted.

Praise the Lord for His miraculous work in the hearts and lives of the children of India! And please pray that God will continue to guide and protect these young leaders.

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