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While many churches in Latin America have been closed, ministry leaders have been hard at work planning for the future.

In the past two months, more than 2,500 ministry leaders and teachers have participated in webinar trainings hosted by the David Caleb Cook Foundation. Latin America Director Soledad Rozas, along with Regional Coordinator Veronica Schaab, used technology to bring people together from all over Latin America to prepare them to implement the Life on Life discipleship program in their communities.

One of the most unexpected aspects of the training has been the participation by people in indigenous communities. So some ministry leaders had to travel to areas with stable internet connection in order to participate.

“Our topography is made up of valleys and mountains, and we don’t have a signal everywhere,” said Rigoberto Vásquez Mora, the Sunday school director for some of the indigenous communities of Costa Rica. “We have communities that don’t even have cell phone coverage.”

These ministry leaders are committed to helping children and youth grow in Christ—and they’re excited about beginning to use the Life on Life discipleship program because guides children from childhood to adolescence as they learn to love and follow Jesus in all areas of life.

“Personally, this program has helped me a lot, and it will help the communities in which I serve,” Rigoberto said. “There is a lot of excitement, accountability, and hope, even at this time, and we are excited to serve the Lord in this way.”

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