To allow our staff to fully celebrate the Christmas season with family and friends, the David C Cook and Integrity Music offices will be closed end of business on Friday, December 23rd and reopening on Monday, January 3nd. All orders received after December 19th will begin shipping the week of January 3rd, 2023.

Without question, COVID-19 has changed ministry around the world. Ministry leaders all over the globe have been innovating, adapting, and learning how they can continue their ministries in spite of the challenges. Many are struggling to find ways to keep their ministries moving in a time when churches can’t meet in many parts of the world.

Soledad Rozas, DCCF’s Latin America Director, has been working tirelessly with ministry leaders in Central and South America to support them in their efforts. In addition to providing training and resources and praying with them, she has been asking them about their needs. Across Latin America, many of these ministry leaders expressed the same need—digital resources they can share with teachers and families to help them continue their ministry in spite of the changes created by the pandemic.

In response to this need, the DCCF staff recently launched Vida por Vida Digital, a brand-new online platform that provides children’s ministry leaders with effective discipleship resources presented in an easy-to-use, media-rich format. This new resource, which can be used on a computer or a mobile phone, includes worship music, downloadable resources, and illustrations from The Action Bible, DCCF’s well-loved comic-style Bible storybook, which gets children engaged in reading God’s Word. And best of all, thanks to God’s provision and DCCF’s faithful donors, this resource is completely free.

The Latin American church has responded enthusiastically to this new resource as they continue to seek effective ways to engage children during the pandemic. New age levels of Vida por Vida Digital are in development, and the English version, Life on Life Digital, will soon be launched in Africa.

This online resource provides new opportunities for ministry at a time when in-person ministry is impossible in many parts of the world. Please pray with us that God will continue to use this and all of DCCF’s resources and partners to bring His message of hope and love to people all over the globe.

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