To allow our staff to fully celebrate the Christmas season with family and friends, the David C Cook and Integrity Music offices will be closed end of business on Friday, December 23rd and reopening on Monday, January 3nd. All orders received after December 19th will begin shipping the week of January 3rd, 2023.

Our heavenly Creator is the author of creativity—and He inspires those who follow Him to innovate as they advance His kingdom. Ministry leaders around the globe have been relying on God’s creative spirit to find new ways to share His love in this time of change and unpredictability. As God’s people all over the world have begun collaborating and cooperating, great things have happened that have brought glory to His name!

The David Caleb Cook Foundation is thankful for God’s creativity, which has inspired some new projects to equip and encourage partners as they continue their ministry in these unusual times. Here are some highlights:

Family Podcasts

DCCF’s Africa coordinator has begun recording family podcasts to encourage families to worship and study the Bible together at home. These on-demand weekly podcasts, which will be available all over Africa, provide short biblical lessons and activities that will help families to have meaningful conversations all week long. While many of the larger churches in Africa have been able to use social media and radio to continue their ministries during the pandemic, many smaller churches don’t have the resources to encourage at-home worship. These podcasts will equip even small churches with a practical way to meet that need.


DCCF’s Latin America director and coordinator have engaged more than 3,000 participants in webinars in the past few months, providing opportunities for churches all over Latin America to learn and collaborate together. In addition to providing encouragement, these webinars have equipped teachers and ministry leaders to better understand how to share God’s truth in ways that bring transformation to young lives. An unexpected blessing is the number of teachers and leaders who have reported that their passion for children’s ministry has been reignited and that they have developed deeper faith as a result of these inspiring webinars!

Online Training

DCCF’s online training platform makes it possible for teachers all over the globe to learn effective teaching methods and better understand children’s spiritual development—all at their own pace and on any device they have available. Currently available in English and Spanish, this on-demand training is contextualized for Central and South America and Africa. DCCF’s India staff is working on a new version to meet the needs of ministry leaders in their region, which we are confident will be embraced by ministry leaders in India with the same enthusiasm as the in-person version was.

Please pray that God’s creativity will continue to inspire new ways to encourage and equip the global church with the resources they need to see the children in their communities transformed by His great love!

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