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In a rural area in the Rift Valley in northern Malawi, a ministry leader named Ben started a Bible club for the children of a small village. Every week, he met with a small group of children who came to sing songs, pray, and listen to Bible stories.

Poverty plagues most of Malawi, especially the more rural areas, where children begin working in agricultural jobs at very young ages. So when Ben started his outreach ministry, he wasn’t surprised that the group was small. But he was committed to providing encouragement and hope for the children in his ministry, so he continued meeting regularly with them.

A few months later, Ben’s ministry began to change. A David Caleb Cook Foundation ministry partner provided him with 10 copies of The Story of Jesus translated into Chichewa, the native language of this part of Malawi (pictured below). Since he only had a few copies of the booklet, Ben brought them to Bible club every week and let the children read them during the Bible study time.

Suddenly, Ben’s Bible club began to grow. The children who attended started telling their friends about the wonderful picture booklet filled with stories from the Bible. Children started coming in huge numbers to spend time reading The Story of Jesus together.

“I’m glad to see this small booklet is really helping so many children hear the word of God,” Ben shared. “I am pleased to say that even though we started with just 10 of these booklets, they are having a very big impact. The children gather in groups just to read The Story of Jesus booklets. It is so encouraging!”

The David Caleb Cook Foundation’s The Story of Jesus is being used by ministry leaders and partners all over the world to share the gospel with children—and even adults! The comic-style illustrations and simple text are engaging and easy to read, making them a perfect resource to share the story of God’s love with all ages. (Find out more about The Story of Jesus.)

Ben recently received more copies of The Story of Jesus to share with the children in his ministry. “I’m sure it will help us a lot,” he said. “We would not have nearly as many children in our Bible club if it weren’t for these Story of Jesus books. Glory to God!

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