Did you know that the David Caleb Cook Foundation is part of the David C Cook ministry family? And did you know that when you purchase David C Cook and Integrity Music products you are helping to support DCCF’s global mission?

David C Cook has a 140-year legacy of ministry to vulnerable children—in fact, it’s the very foundation of what David C Cook does. In support of this legacy, the publishing and music divisions of David C Cook donate a portion of their revenue to DCCF to support its ministry around the world. Together, David C Cook, Integrity Music, and the David Caleb Cook Foundation make up the David C Cook family of ministries—and it’s great to be part of the family!

What this means is that when you purchase a book published by David C Cook, such as Francis Chan’s brand-new book, Until Unity, you are helping to provide discipleship resources and training to ministry leaders in Africa, India, and Latin America. And when you stream an Integrity Music song, such as “Waymaker,” you are helping to equip the global church with engaging evangelism and Bible engagement materials, such as The Action Bible and The Story of Jesus, to help them bring God’s love to life for the children in their churches and communities. Plus, when you purchase a David C Cook or Integrity product, you get to enjoy effective and inspiring biblical resources that have great benefits for your own family.

By donating to DCCF, you can make an eternal difference in the lives of children around the world—and when you purchase David C Cook and Integrity resources, you are increasing your impact! So on behalf of children all over the globe, thank you for your financial gifts to DCCF and your choice to purchase David C Cook and Integrity products. We’re glad you’re part of the family!

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