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God Gives Us What We Need

Tumaini knocked cautiously on the door of the small classroom at a school in a slum area of Kenya. The David Caleb Cook Foundation’s Africa regional manager, Serah, was sitting inside taking a break during her time leading a children’s day camp. She had been sharing a message about God’s provision from DCCF’s Life on Life discipleship program and was feeling discouraged, wondering if her teaching was reaching the children. So as the children played outside, she stayed in the room to pray and ask God for His direction.

Hearing the soft knock, Serah looked up to see a 12-year-old boy standing at the door. “Thank you for giving my brother the small book,” Tumaini said. “It has really made a difference.” A few months before, Serah had passed out copies of The Story of Jesus at the same school, and Tumaini’s brother had received a copy. This colorful booklet is part of DCCF’s evangelism outreach program, which equips ministry leaders around the globe to share the gospel with children in engaging, age-appropriate ways and to teach the children how to share the gospel with others.

Tumaini told Serah that his father was an alcoholic, who regularly beat and verbally abused the family. The day that Serah had delivered The Story of Jesus, Tumaini’s father, in one of his drunken rages, had mockingly asked Tumaini’s younger brother what he learned in school that day…and God gave Tumaini’s brother the courage to share what he had learned—the amazing truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Using The Story of Jesus, this brave and faithful eight-year-old led his whole family to Jesus that day, and their lives were changed for eternity!

“What you were teaching just now about God’s provision is true,” Trumaini told Serah. “Now that my father knows Jesus, he doesn’t drink anymore. Our home is peaceful. And now we have more money for food, and I get to go to school again because we can afford the school fees. God IS good—and He gives us what we need.”

God has called Serah to equip ministry leaders and to serve the neediest children of Kenya. He has given her the skills and talents she needs to train and inspire ministry leaders—and a tender heart for children in communities where resources are scarce and hope is even more scarce. “Even if God brought me there only for that one child, it is enough,” Serah said. God, in His faithfulness, had given Tumaini and Serah exactly what they needed.

Serah’s ministry is only possible because of you! You have faithfully followed the calling God has laid on your heart—to equip the global church through your financial gifts and prayers. So as we near the end of another year marked by God’s gracious provision, we’d like to thank you for your continued support for God’s work around the world through the David Caleb Cook Foundation. God has used your faithful gifts and prayers to accomplish countless miracles in the hearts of children like Tumaini and his brother, transforming their lives and the lives of their families and communities with His love.

Watch a video of Serah sharing Tumaini’s story.

We hope you’ll make even more miracles like this one possible by continuing to support the David Caleb Cook Foundation. We are excited to share the amazing ways He transforms lives through your faithfulness!

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