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A Prodigal Son Becomes a Changed Man

It’s a scorching day in Malawi, but smiles radiate as a family sits in the shade of their house holding their household Bible. The children clutch their own copies of The Story of Jesus.

And no smile is as bright as the 40-year-old father, reading the stories aloud.

He eagerly shares, “We do Bible studies [as a family] every evening using the Story of Jesus. I also have fellowship with my friends, and we do a Bible study.”

The small gospel booklet is especially close to his heart. Because in its pages is the story of how he became a changed man.

When The Story of Jesus was distributed at his children’s school, it wasn’t the first time he had heard the good news. He remembers old days when, “I didn’t have time to listen to the Word of God; I was drinking beer every day.” But that day, the illustrated booklet drew him into the story of the prodigal son. “I realized I was just like the lost son, and I made the decision to accept Jesus as my Savior.”

The man’s family and friends testify that his life began to gradually change. He stopped drinking and studied the Bible earnestly.

His wife makes clay pots to support their family. She recalls when she noticed his transformation. “My husband had no time to help me or the family. But one day he said that he realized he was the one making our family poorer and poorer every day.” She was stunned. The next morning, he took up a job at a local factory to support the family.

Please Pray

Please ask God to prepare more hearts in Malawi and East Africa to receive The Story of Jesus, and pray for the transforming power of the gospel to take hold in more families.

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