To allow our staff to fully celebrate the Christmas season with family and friends, the David C Cook and Integrity Music offices will be closed end of business on Friday, December 23rd and reopening on Monday, January 3nd. All orders received after December 19th will begin shipping the week of January 3rd, 2023.

Though it may seem like putting a Bible or an evangelism booklet in the hands of a child would be the most effective way to help that child understand God’s love, our research has shown that there’s something even more effective: equipping the ministry leader who invests in the child. Even without high-quality resources, a well-trained teacher, who understands the needs and spiritual development of children and has the practical skills to teach in ways that engage children’s hearts and minds, has a significantly greater impact on the lives of the children he or she serves.

While the David Caleb Cook Foundation continues to equip ministry leaders around the globe with the high-quality, biblical resources they need for evangelism, Bible engagement and discipleship of the children in their churches and communities, DCCF’s ministry doesn’t end there. Our international staff also equips these ministry leaders with training to help them use these resources effectively—and equips them to train others to do the same. This ministry model multiplies the impact, equipping even more ministry leaders and enabling them to share God’s love with even more children.

DCCF’s training program is customized to each region and resource, and it’s taught by our regional staff members, who understand the cultures and needs of the communities where these resources are being distributed. Training is even delivered in different ways in different regions, as we continue to seek the most accessible ways to equip leaders in areas where cellular data and online access may be limited. Training is currently offered in person, through live webinars, and through video, which is available on a digital learning platform, where participants take quizzes to check for understanding and receive certificates for completing the course. This digital training can be downloaded on a computer or mobile device and viewed later, even when the device is not connected to the internet. In addition, our regional staff continues to develop new training topics to address the current needs of ministries around the globe. Through these different training options, thousands of ministry leaders have been equipped with the passion, knowledge, and practical skills they need to serve children more effectively.

Even more impactful is way God is using DCCF’s training program to change lives. All over the world, ministry leaders are recommitting their lives to Jesus during training sessions, becoming excited and encouraged about children’s ministry as they embrace a new understanding of God’s love for children, and watching in amazement as their investment in the lives of children is drawing those children closer to God.

Please pray for our international staff as they continue to equip ministry leaders around the world—and please pray that God will continue to use DCCF’s training program to draw ministry leaders, children, and families closer to Him.

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