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Faithfulness in Challenging Times

For Christians in Nigeria, persecution is a harsh reality. Since the beginning of 2021, more than 2,300 Nigerians have been abducted by Muslim extremist groups. The majority of these victims are Christians, and a significant number of them are children who were abducted from their schools. Though many have been released after ransoms were paid, many were killed for refusing to renounce their faith.

Even in the face of great danger, the David Caleb Cook Foundation’s partners in Nigeria are continuing to raise up a generation of faithful followers of Christ. DCCF has eight partners in Nigeria that represent thousands of churches across the nation. Some have a strong presence in the northern part of Nigeria, where persecution is the most prevalent. These partners are using DCCF’s Life on Life discipleship program to teach their children that God cares about them, even in times of fear and danger.

One of our newest Nigerian partners recently trained children’s ministry leaders in Garam, a city in one of the most dangerous states in Nigeria, where kidnapping rates are the highest. These ministry leaders will now train Sunday school teachers from their home churches in areas where Christians are regularly threatened by persecution and violence. And as they begin using Life on Life, they will be equipped with the skills and resources to share biblically based lessons that teach children what it means to follow Jesus in difficult times—lessons on topics such as prejudice, persecution, forgiveness, and overcoming fear.

Please join us in praying for our partners in Nigeria as they boldly pass on their faith to a new generation—and please pray that God will use these young believers to bring peace to their nation. Here are some specific prayer needs:

  • Please pray that God would intervene and bring peace and safety for Christians.
  • Please pray that God will protect our partners as they continue to deliver the message of hope in Jesus in spite of the risks.
  • Please pray that kidnapping victims will be returned unharmed, including the Sunday school teacher with one of DCCF’s partners who was recently abducted.
  • Please pray that God will continue to raise up a generation of steadfast believers to transform their country with His love and bring glory to His name.

We’re grateful for your prayer and support of our brothers and sisters in Nigeria!

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