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The Bidi Bidi Settlement in the northwestern part of Uganda is one of the largest refugee camps in the world. More than 270,000 residents have settled there, fleeing the civil war, religious persecution, and violence of South Sudan.

Refugees live in semi-permanent housing, and many have plots of land to farm and provide for their families. Charitable and governmental agencies provide additional food support for residents, healthcare centers have been built, and schools now provide education for children. However, in spite of the efforts to make Bidi Bidi into a community, residents face threats from illness, discrimination, and even human trafficking. Children and youth are especially at risk.

The majority of Bidi Bidi’s residents are Christian–and even in the midst of a life of transition, they are relying on their faith for hope. Christians meet in roughly built, open-air churches, singing and worshiping God without praise bands or microphones and sharing God’s Word even though there aren’t enough Bibles to go around. In spite of the challenges, the people of Bidi Bidi hold onto hope in Jesus to get them through the challenges.

One of the David Caleb Cook Foundation’s partners in Uganda is working with Christian leaders in the settlement to establish a children’s ministry program using discipleship resources provided by DCCF. Children are learning that God’s Word speaks to every area of their lives, including poverty, persecution, and fear, and they are being encouraged by the message that no matter what they face, God loves and cares for them. As caring Christians raise up young leaders within the Bidi Bidi community, God is using this ministry not only to change the lives of the children who live there today but also to provide hope for the children of tomorrow.

Please join us in praying for the children and ministry leaders of Bidi Bidi–and that God will continue to bring encouragement and hope to His people in transition.

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