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Raising Up Disciples in Bihar

Located on the border of Nepal, Bihar is one of India’s most densely populated states. Though in the past Bihar was a cultural and governmental center on the leading edge of change, now this region lags behind the rest of India in average income and development. Inadequate medical facilities, low literacy rates, a growing population, and reliance on subsistence farming have put Bihar far behind its neighbors.

The majority of Bihar’s people are Hindu or Muslim, but thanks to the outreach efforts of ministries, this region has a growing number of Christians. However, Christian persecution is growing almost as quickly as the Christian population, and many believers face prejudice, mistreatment, and even violence for their faith. Alcoholism, drug addiction, and flooding create ongoing challenges for the people of this rural part of India.

Ministry leaders in this region have shared that what they need most is discipleship materials. Many pastors lack formal training, and very few churches even have children’s ministry programs. These ministry leaders want to raise up a new generation of disciples who will shape the future of their state.

“Bihar is in need of hope,” shared the David Caleb Cook Foundation’s India coordinator, Charlie. “When the people of Bihar learn what it means to follow Jesus and begin to live as His disciples, it will change the direction of this hurting region.” 

To find out how you can provide discipleship materials for children in places like Bihar and equip teachers and leaders to use them, please give here. 

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